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China Medical University Siping Hospital and Weigao Signed an Agreement about Health...


   On May 16, "China Medical University Siping hospital and Weigao Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement,health management personnel training project launching ceremony" which China Medical University Siping Hospital and Weigao Management School jointly organized officially launched in Siping Hospital academic report hall. More than 250 people including Siping City Health Bureau Deputy Director Cai Qian, Chief of Medical Affairs Zhou Rui, Party Secretary of China Medical University Siping Hospital, Dean Tang Lifeng, Dean of Nursing Cui Yuling, Nursing Director Gong Yueli and the relevant leaders, General Manager of Weigao Medical Products Company Song Xiushan , Vice President of Management School Wang Chong, General Manager of Medical Products Company Heilongjiang region Sun Qingdong, Jilin office customer managers Zhang Jianhai, managers of North China University Hospital various functional departments and clinical departments, and media reporters attended the signing ceremony. Gong Yueli presided over the signing ceremony. Tang Lifeng, Song Xiushan and Cai Qian successively addressed. General Manager Song Xiushan and President Tang Lifeng signed a training cooperation agreement. Vice President Cui Yuling and Wang Chong co-inaugurated as the startup project.
    President Tang Lifeng said in his speech that in the last year, Siping hospital has made ??many achievements in strengthening management, improving the quality of care, the hospital was highly recognized by the national, provincial and municipal health administrative departments and won a good evaluation, and orthopedic nursing unit awarded the "national quality care demonstration ward" title by the State Ministry of Health. In the third-party satisfaction survey activities carried out by Ministry of Health, as 112 top-quality hospital care key contact one of the hospitals, the hospital achieved third place medals, and had been highly praised by leaders at all levels. Weigao Group is the largest medical device manufacturers and the global leader in the industry, and has become the world's most complete, most reliable and most trusted medical system solutions manufacturer. Cooperation with Weigao is the honor of hospital. This powerful combination will provide a broader platform for scientific, standardized and professional management of hospital care team, and hospital nursing career must be able to achieve a greater leap, and make new contributions to health career development Siping hospitals and Siping area.
    General Manager Song Xiushan said in his speech, Weigao Group made building harmonious society as their corporate and social play. Corporate’s wealth is from the community, and it should return to the community. Actively participate in medical industry, to promote the harmonious development of society is Weigao’s responsibilities and obligations. Weigao and China Medical University Siping hospital has twenty years of deep friendship, the cooperation of this project also provided Weigao opportunities to thank and reward Siping Hospital, Weigao is honored to join them, and contribute their mite to the force, showing Weigao Group "bring the white angel, creating healthy future" mission. 
    Dean Tang Lifeng learned Weigao Group has moved to Chucun Industrial Park, specifically presented an engraved "peak ages" blessing bronze Baoding to Weigao Group, meaning Weigao "peak ages, eternal prosperity."

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